Things You Didn’t Know that Are Bad For the Environment

Things You Didn’t Know that Are Bad For the Environment

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There are things that we do which may seem harmless in the first look, but actually are bad for the environment. I personally used to make these same mistakes without knowing, but we all learn new things through the time.

What are some of the things that most of the people do and don’t realize that is causing harm to the environment?

Leaving the tap running is actually bad for the environment

We all brush our teeth, we wash our utensils and other things but as we are doing that we constantly leave the tap running. While doing that we waste a vast amount of water without a reason. A simple way to save water is by soaking utensils for a while before washing them. Also when you brush your teeth make sure you leave the tap on only when you need the water.

Leaving the lights on

You probably heard the phrase “Turn off the lights!” a hundred times, and to this day you still do. Always make sure you turn the lights off even if you are leaving the room for a few minutes. It may seem pointless doing this but it saves a finite source of energy.

Leaving appliances plugged in

It may be difficult to believe but even when turned off and left plugged in, appliances use what it is called “phantom energy” (the energy used by appliances and electronics when they are turned off but still plugged in to a power outlet). Next time when devices like routers, computers, television, etc are not in use then unplug them. By following this practice you may end up saving a few bucks and a little bit of energy. For someone it may be hard to believe this, but trust us, it is bad for the environment.

Improper disposal of batteries and ink

Household batteries and cartridges contain mercury and toxic chemicals that can leak into ecosystems and damage the environment if not disposed of properly. These batteries and ink poison the soil and degrades the environment.

Polyester clothing

Plastic is not only on our food and water, it’s also in our clothes and still finds a way to pollute the environment through them. When we wash polyester or other synthetic clothing, little particles of plastic come apart from the fabrics and then run down the drain, ending up in the ocean.

Boiling water using electricity

Another thing that is bad for the environment is boiled water. We boil water using electricity almost every day. We use it for showers or making a coffee. Using that energy to boil water by using electricity is one of the expensive methods. A really large amount of energy is needed thus having an impact on the production end since a lot of electricity is generated via diesel engines and coal.

Using straws

A lot of people know that plastic is bad, but for some reason they think that straws are not. Well guess what! Straws are made of plastic and they actually cause only things that are bad for the environment. Recently they’ve gotten a lot of attention because of how difficult they are to recycle.
The best way to keep plastic straws out of landfills is not to use them. If you can’t have your drink without a straw then there are a lot of options such as straws made from stainless steel, bamboo, reed, and much more.


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