Almost every piece of plastic ever made still exists today!

When you use a plastic bottle, a lot of toxins leach into your water, making it bad for your health. A lot of these toxins are capable of causing cancer.

One recycled plastic bottle can save enough energy to light a 60W light-bulb for 6 hours.

Sweden is so good at recycling that it has run out of rubbish and imports 80,000 tonnes a year from Norway.

On average, one person using a reusable water bottle will save using 167 plastic bottles every year.

Kenya introduced a plastic bag ban in 2017 - people caught producing, selling or even using plastic bags risk getting a £31,000 fine.

The recycling rate for plastic bottles in the UK is approximately 74%.

It takes 75% less energy to make a plastic bottle from recycled plastic compared with using ‘virgin’ materials.

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