10 Easy Ways to Reduce Plastic Use

Reduce plastic

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Going plastic-free at a pro-level may be hard, but doing some simple things it’s really easy. When deciding to care for the planet, every little thing matters. Below we have listed 10 ways to reduce plastic use, but it doesn’t mean to do them all at once. Start with a couple of things at first, and then with a couple more. 

Don’t use bottled water

This one is a really simple way to reduce your plastic footprint. At home, you never have to use a plastic bottle because you can drink water in your glass. When you go out you can invest a few bucks in a reusable water bottle and take it with you wherever you go.

Refuse the straw

Even though now a lot of places don’t offer plastic straws, or they do but you have to ask for them there are still some places which give plastic straws. If you ever are in a such position just kindly refuse the plastic straw. If you really can’t have your drink without a straw, then get your reusable straw.

Use reusable shopping bags

Same as with the straws, there are a lot of places that don’t have plastic bags or they charge you for it. The best way to avoid these plastic bags is to have your reusable bag or use the plastic bags more than once.

Store your food in glass jars

Using glass jars for storing your food not only reduces the amount of plastic, but it also keeps the food healthier as it doesn’t leach any toxic chemicals as plastic does.

Skip the plastic utensils

We know that you don’t use plastic utensils at home because you use your iron/steel utensils. There are a lot of cool bamboo utensils that you can buy and bring them with you when you are eating out.

Switch to natural soap bars

Not only it reduces the number of plastic shampoo bottles that you throw away but it also has no toxic chemicals and it’s a lot better for your hair or skin.

Don’t use disposable razors

Switch to a safety razor that you can use for years. All you have to do is change the blades.

Have your own reusable coffee mug

You may think that the takeaway coffee cups are not bad for the environment but they actually are. Disposable coffee cups are lined with plastic polyethylene and this makes them not recyclable.

Make your own cleaning products

There are a lot of eco-friendly ways to make cleaning products on your own. By making your own cleaning products there will be less toxic chemicals and you eliminate the need for multiple plastic bottles of cleaner which means you will reduce plastic at a fair amount. For example one of the DIYs you can do is laundry detergent.

Buy in bulk

One of the best ways to save money and unnecessary plastic packaging is by purchasing food like pasta, cereal, and rice from bulk bins and fill a reusable bag or container.


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